Circus (Song w/ Iluminar's Lyrics)

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IMPORTANT!!! I'm going to recontribute this soon using approved intro samples, seeing as how one of them is not creative commons. In the meantime, please let me know if you plan to use this REC for any monetized project, and maybe the intro can be omitted in that case.




Iluminar and I have been kicking some ideas around lately (or rather she's been letting me in on her ideas), and this is the first collab to come of our brainmeldings. Upon reading her Circus lyrics, I immediately began plunking around on the ol' guitfiddle and came up with some fun things, including a tweaked melody for the big finale, which I'm sure most of you will recognize =)


138 BPM. Stems available upon request. Have much enjoyings!!


Intro samples from (attribution license) (BALLS!! Turns out this one's got a non-commercial license that I didn't see before, so if this song is ever used for a collab, PLEASE let me know first thing and I'll sub out a free-use sample.)



She shows up like the carnival

All dancing and lights

You follow her down Main Street

Into the night

And the way she smiles

Makes your heart skip a beat

And for a moment you're special

Not a Vaudeville freak


But you should have listened

To the rhythm of the rails

And the truth in the dark

Behind the glitter and the frills

Because all that's left

When the canvas falls

Is an ordinary girl

Without the feathers and the pearls


Come Sunday morning

She'll fade into the dawn

You'll hear that train whistle

But she's already gone

Search the sawdust

But all you will find

Is a fun-house illusion

In the traveling circus of your mind

Created: May 30, 2014

Tags: carnival, saxophone, circus, bass, kazoo, remix, pop music, lyrics, iluminar, song, vocal, guitar

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