Birth of a Woman

By Aries407

Birth of a Woman

I am a feather off an angel's wings.
I am a flower that radiates love.
My soul melds with the songs of the birds.
My spirit stirs the sea.
I am a woman.
Today was my birth.
The death of the mute.
My mouth no longer silenced by society.
Today I am a woman.
Held together by the bonds of love.
No longer afraid to trust.
No longer afraid to accept her decisions.
A phoenix that strikes fear, embodies grace, and generates affection.
No longer drowning in the ashes of my youth.
I rise.
No longer the creature in the mirror.
I lift my head towards the sun.
Daring it to burn me.
I rise.

Birth of a Woman

Created: Nov 11, 2009

Tags: birth, woman

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