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By Axon_Graf

It's been way too long... :(

Let me share one little secret with you. From a very young age I've been making music for Imaginary Films.

Update: NOT the production company. I mean those films inside my  head or wherever imagination takes place...:-P

I'm not the best writer, so the only way I could do the story justice was by playing it on an instrument. Thing is, I recorded the music and then buried the tapes in my room so no one could ever listen to it. Most of it. Fading away in old boxes and drawers. Cause it was only for Imaginary Films, right? 

Well.. I've learned that Imagination is just as real as real can be. 

I saved a few tapes and started RE-recording a couple of those pieces. I decided this is the only place I feel like sharing. At least they may be useful one way or another. 

This is one of those pieces. 



Created: May 15, 2014

Tags: cinematic, melancholic, secrets, sad, piano, violins, guitar, imaginary film, score

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