Half of me Orcestration (final)

By hedge

So, i think that's my final version of this song.

It captured all of my attention for last two weeks. It was very first record I've recommended here, and now I can say that I love it even more.

You know, I've never worked with string arrangement before. Even more, last time I've tried to write music was 1.5 years ago. But it made me do this. It was the craziest creative experience in my life, I've learned so much, I've made some mistakes, I've spent some sleepless nights writing arrangement and then - trying mix all the tracks in the only right way. And I want to say some words to some very important people.

Riana, you have not only beautiful voice, but also unique talents of singer and songwriter. I'm really proud of working with you, and it's so incredible that we both found this site at the same time. By the way, you mus know that you have some fans in Russia now:)

Joe and Jared, I want to thank you twice. First, this is an amazing place, filled with creativity. And this site has such a warm creative community. Second, you recommendation was like a great punch for me, it was the greatest inspiration in my life. And it helped us to find all of this people, who collaborate to make this song great.

IlliterateWriter and michellek, your viola and violin parts are just a-w-e-s-o-m-e, I'm amazed to work with you. You are so great.

macjames6, I used your part. You might not hear it, but it's true:) Thank you for your participation:)

I hope I didn't forget anyone?

Sorry for anyone whose parts I didn't use. You guys all rock, and thanks for your work:)

So, again I'm so tired, and I'm so happy. Noone can make really great things alone, and I'm sure that we all together created such a great thing (ok, it's a liitle bit shameless, but true:)).
This song made my heart burn so warm this not-very-warm summer, and I love it. I love this song, and I love everyone of you.

Now, it's done. So let's go and create something new and something great:)

Sorry for my english;)

From Russia with love,
Egor aka hedge

Half of me Orcestration (final)

Created: Aug 16, 2010


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