Dream Of Yesterday (REmix Song)

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Music: DR3AM EATER. Words: Murker.


I wasn't planning on touching DR3AM EATER's infuriatingly awesome video for fear of marring the original work, but upon repeated viewings/listenings, some vocal melodies a la Paul Meany of Mutemath (whom DE mentioned they loved) began to form. I started writing lyrics, but opted instead to scour the poem every day collab for other sources because HITRECORD!! Murker's bittersweet "Yesterday" was perfect given its dreamy nature, and it fit into the grooves just right.



I can still see the stars in your eyes

Even when mine are closed

I can still hear the sound of your sighs

As you peacefully dozed


The memories I still smell

Deep and sweet as from a well


I can still taste the salt of your tears

At the light of dawn

I can still feel the touch of you; years

After you’re gone


Sidenote: My original lyrics centered around a wishing well. Spooky how things work out sometimes!

OH, and please check out thesickrose's heartwrenching music video REmix!

Created: May 08, 2014

Tags: thesickrose, remix, yesterday, poem, poetry, vocal, murker, rock, dr3am eater, song, double drums, poem every day collab, re: dreams, paul meany, mutemath

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