Don't Beat Yourself Up (REmix Song)

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My REndition of ibkellymorris's rad-as-fuck loop experiment. In keeping with the spirit, it's all a capella. I like to think of this as Tom Waits, Imogen Heap, and Trent Reznor getting baked during a joyride while blasting hip hop, then deciding to form a bowling team...with me.


I tweaked the lyrics just slightly 'cos I really like "one time" as a hip hop phrase. Hope you don't mind, Kelly! ;)




Also, make sure to check out AnnaRMusic's amazing RE-REmix!!

Created: Apr 29, 2014

Tags: hip hop, don't beat yourself up, a capella, looper, rap, loops, let it go, vocal, ibkellymorris, remix, song, beatbox

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