Haunting Dreams

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This song is long, but I wanted to give hit recorders the whole thing to play with.


Once I had a dream and I dreamed about you

Facial hair had changed but I knew it was you

You were in a band, playing with this band

I was sitting by a girl, long dark hair I knew her

Sat and talked of you as I looked right through her

Said she wanted you, but you only spoke of me


Ain’t it funny how awake I never thought this way

And if you knew about these dreams I wonder what you’d say

Ain’t it funny how awake I never thought I felt this way

It’s just a dream or could it be there’s something here for me (to be revealed to me)

I wonder why it’s you

Haunting my dreams


I had another dream and I dreamed about you

Scary high school scene when I didn’t know you

You were with a friend so happy to see you again

We talked our heads in close and you said you loved me

Oh selfishly glad but awfully guilty

Hug lasted too long and then I pulled away


I had this dream I’ll never forget

In a forest with all my childhood friends

Playing games and having fun until I got separated

Heard the screams running hard with the wolf right at my heels

Hit the ground and felt him biting at my flesh

Sitting up awake in bed I wanted to get back

I wanted to know how it feels to feel death


I had another dream and I dreamed about you

Letter that you sent said how much you loved me

(But) you were giving up on a love that never returned

I wish that I could stop having dreams about you

All these crazy dreams that I have about you

Only make the hurt worse because you’re never here

Created: Apr 23, 2014

Tags: guitar, drums, bass, vocal, song

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