some general thoughts on darkness

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I can't say I've read all of the stuff in this collab, but from what I'e seen, darkness is mostly viewed as a negative thing. Is it really a bad thing though? I personally, have had mostly positive experiences in the dark. Both the metaphorical darkness, and the literal darkness. Being in isolated darkness, helps keep me calm, allows me to have a little time away form eveything for a while. Just me, the darkness, and the silence that uslally goes with it. I've tried to embrace my own inner darkness, for the most part. It's a place that's just for me within myself, that I don't let anyone into, and it makes me unique. Without it, I'd be mostly perfect, and what's the fun in that? Not all darkness is like that of course, but in my life I have darkness that I was born with, that I can't get rid of, so I've learned to tolerate it, and almost like it. It is of course important to keep a good balance of lightness and darkness, whether it's in a film, or in one's own life. They point I'm trying to make here is, darkness, if kept in balance, is nothing to be afriad or ashmed of, because it isn't all bad. We definitely don't need to hate it, because it's important. 

Created: Apr 23, 2014


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