Dear "Rude Boy"

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Dear “Rude Boy,”

“Right Now,” this relationship is a game of “Russian Roulette,” a ride on a raging river, a reality rolling downhill.

Can there be “Love Without Tragedy?” This may be the “Last Time” I let you limit the light I let shine from my soul. I “Love the Way You Lie” but I can not lie to myself, “You Don’t Love Me.”

Go ahead, “Say It.” You want me to “Stay” and you think I am a “Selfish Girl” for saying goodbye. But, my “Skin” bares the scars of a sick and sinister charade.

“What Now?” “We [Both] Want Love” but am I“Willing to Wait” for you, a wounded warrior, to realize my worth. I have stood “By Yo’ Side” while you have been “Breakin Dishes,” breaking bones, and breaking bonds.

“Winning Women” will not stand by and watch mad men make a mess of their destinies. And by no means, will this winning woman be one to allow that to happen.


a sensationally “Selfish Girl”

featuring song titles by Rihanna

Created: Apr 23, 2014

Tags: romance, rihanna, regret, lyrics, breakup, letter

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