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Skinny Bitch (2011)

Pretty girl, I've got a question for you

I hope you don't think it's rude, but what's it like without food?

And when we hit the clubs downtown, for you there's no waiting around.

You get right in through the front door, but it's not like I keep score.

Skinny bitch, you're a skinny bitch, skinny bitch.

And when we celebrate you, my birthday present just for you:

To have my cake and eat yours too; I'd sacrifice for you.

Just gimme all your food, gimme some steak and cookies too.

You've got a workout to get too, and I'll enjoy them more than you.

Skinny bitch, you're a skinny bitch, skinny bitch.

But in spite of my kindness, I wanna kick you in the head.

I could eat you for breakfast, but I would probably need seconds.

And when youre in Pilates class, I will be sittin' on my sweet ass,

Cryin' in my Guinness, because I want to be you.....

Created: Apr 23, 2014

Tags: food, fitness, guinness, eating, bitch, jealousy, skinny, pilates, fat, anorexia

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