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I work in a movie thater. I have dealt with plenty. I walk up the theatres while the movie is playing to make sure these things don't happen and if I see it we have to stop them. I've had people texting with the brightness of seven suns on their phones, little kids running around with light-up shows (angry parents because I tell them they have to sit down), loud & obnoxious kids who don't even watch the movie and give the biggest attitudes, very drunk men and a few women that sometimes get aggresive, people smoking cigaretts and even weed while the movie is playing (wtf), kids and older people having sex or making out (yes, we stop this too!), very underaged kids watching rated R films (its illegal just don't do it), parents trying to sneak a buffet of food in and then getting mad when telling them they can't come in with that and they get agressive, (LIKE IT'S NOT MY FAULT, IT'S CORPORATE POLICY). Should I even go on? People complaining about prices and then they leave full cups of soda and tub of popcorn in the theatre. Should I even mention how ridiculously dirty those theatres get? I find vomit at least once a week in a theater. Diapers too.  It gets bad. I'm just throwing ideas there, hopefully someone gets creative.

Created: Apr 23, 2014


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