Give Me Some Light

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I got the idea for this song about a year ago but I never got it finished. When it came to the second season themes being picked and "Dark" came up, I thought this could be where it fits.

The idea is that it's about being in the dark about someone. You meet someone somewhere (anywhere. the first thought I had for this was meeting random people who I'd never speak to again at a music festival) and you want to know them as soon as possible. Or maybe a girl/boy you meet, and it might not be about knowing them, but kissing them, or getting in their pants, and you want to know how they'll respond to that. Or it could be something completely different. The basic idea is being in the dark about something or someone, and wanting to shed some light on it/them.

I wrote the music and the first verse & chorus myself. The second verse was taken from a poem by Saintmaker, which is in the resources. I changed the tense from past to present for this part. I hope you don't mind.

The lyrics and the audio stems for remixing are also in the resources.


It needs a lot of stuff added to it. For one, I'm sure there are plenty of people who can sing it better than I can.

It also needs some lyrics for the bridge at 01:57.

There's space for what I imagine being a bluesy guitar solo at 02:30.

The drums and bass were all put together in a sequencer and I think they should be replaced with live recordings.

There's plenty of room for all sorts of other stuff in there as well. Maybe more/better rythm guitars, organ, more vocal harmonies, etc.

Created: Apr 23, 2014

Tags: smooth, drums, heavy, guitar, punk, music, calm, slow, metal, bass, dark, song, light

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