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I think one of the interesting things about school is the troublemakers, reasons people get in trouble, and punishments.

These are thing I want to here about:

Senior Pranks

What did you think about the trouble makers in your school? Were you one?

Reasons you got in trouble.

Also, I am an exchange student in Ghana where they cane (beat) the students (I don't agree with it but its not my culture). However Americans used to beat students in school and there are still ungoing physical forms of punishment. Detentions are very common and then there is the classic "write this sentence a until your hands hurt or my until magic quill causes you to bleed". What do you think about difffernet forms of punishments? Any funny punishments? Or something you don not agree with? I am not sure if this could be a touchy subject or not but just putting it out there.

Created: Apr 23, 2014


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