you look like you've lost weight

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Having always struggled with my weight fluctuating...more gaining than losing in most cases, one phrase that kind of irks me is, "you look like you've lost weight."

People say it like it is a compliment. It is often followed by, "what did you do?" or "have you been working out?" etc. Sometimes I reply with "I don't know. Maybe stress?" The reaction to that is kind of awkward. One guy said, "Well you look good. Stress looks good on you." @__@

Don't people ever think of what a loaded bomb that comment (you look like you've lost weight) is? What if someone lost the weight like me because s/he was so stressed s/he lost the urge to eat and couldn't sleep, or the person is sick with something that is making him/her lose weight?

On the other hand, "you look like you've gained weight" or plain old "you got fat" remarks have their own way of pouring salt on wounds.

Created: Apr 23, 2014


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