Ryan Cohen - "The Science of Happiness"! NEW EP

By ryancohen

Ryan Cohen, The Science of Happiness, Instrumental, Wintersleep

Hey Everyone at HITRECORD, I really do love posting my music for all of you and I figured that it would be a good place to let you know that you can pre-order my new Instrumental EP titled "The Science of Happiness", ALL proceeds go DIRECTLY towards funding for the album for mastering and packaging ( I don't care to accept money for my music alone). The release date is set for December 2009. I'll leave the link and a description of the record. Thank you for keeping my dream of creating music alive. XO, Ryan Cohen


inspired by a strange dream one late october night and recorded in the following three days with a four track home studio, a piano and an endless bag of halloween candy, "The Science of Happiness" is a melodic instrumental journey to an imaginary place where life, if just in that moment, is exactly how it should be. Turn off the lights and close your eyes and immerse yourself in "The Science of Happiness".

Ryan Cohen -

Created: Nov 05, 2009

Tags: The Science of Happiness, Wintersleep, Ryan Cohen

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