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I had a really weird week once in Hollywood, dealing with fat:

 I used to walk to work about 30 minutes, and encounter all kinds of interesting folks in Los Angeles. This particular week, two separate homeless people yelled after me, "get a life, fatty" or something to that effect. I totally laughed it off.  Because they are homeless. Usually when I walk by, I can be in for some ridiculous cat-calls like, "Are you all white?  Cuz your booty definitely has some black in it."  or "I'll drive you home on my bike for a BJ."  It's usually offensive, but I'm always secretly flattered. I don't know why the tables turned that week.

So, I worked (and played) at the front desk of a hostel in Hollywood. It was the best - I would get off work and immediately start the night off right with my other friends who worked there, socializing with the guests, and whatnot. The same week as the homeless 'fat' comments, I was having a conversation with a traveler staying at the hostel, and he did not speak English very well. I don't know how the conversation got here, but he literally said, "You're pretty hot, for a fat person." I was most certainly offended.

Oh, language barriers and the homeless. Right? 

Created: Apr 23, 2014


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