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I want to take a moment to appreciete comedies and comedians. First of all, laughing is one of the weirdest things humans do. They are a muscle spasm and a release of air in reaction to something which we consider "funny". What do we consider funny? Well humor comes from the something unexpected. What happens when somebody tells a joke is that our brains work super-duper fast to create possible scenarios and the ultimate result is something unexpected. And we have whole shows, films, and skits made just to induce these strange muscle spasms. Sometimes we even record these muscle spasms and play them on these shows to make the audience want to laugh even more. That is so cool!

To wrap this up I want to tell a few bad jokes/puns I came up with this weekend:

"Q: What does a leprechaun say when he is doubtful?

A: O'Reilly?"

"Q: What is the ocean's favorite part of the newspaper?

A: Current events!"

"I love spring so much, I got a season pass."

Created: Apr 23, 2014


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