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You are not fat, you have fat.

Yet despite what you tell yourself,

Convince yourself to love yourself,

You know they're right.


You are not fat, you have fat.

'Don't complain' they say,

But I suppose they have a point,

You only have yourself to blame,

You did this to yourself.


You are not fat, you have fat.

They tell you that you're chubby, pudgey, squishy.

'Fat is such an awful word, I'm not that mean.'

Why is it an awful word!?

It's just fat.


I am not fat, I have fat.

Yet despite what I tell myself,

Convince myself to love myself,

I know they're right.


I have fat.

Fat that makes me feel like shit.

I'm not allowed to be pretty untill I lose some weight.

'Oh don't be ridiculous, you're just overreacting.'

Am I?


I have fat.

'If you were as skinny as your sister you'd be hot.'

Awh what a lovely thing to say.

The funny thing is you seem to think that this helps.

Being told that I need to lose 70 pounds to be considered 'hot' in your eyes.



'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.'

What complete and utter bull shit.

I asked my sister if this was true and she laughed.

'Skinny feels like nothing, I'd rather eat cake.'

So what is all the fuss about?


You have fat.

Big deal.

Created: Apr 23, 2014

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