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I know it's there, but I can't do anything about it.  A spider the size of my fist, creeping towards me on the pillow.  I'm lying on my back, facing the ceiling, yet seeing this happen from above.  

"Move, Laura!"  

"Wake up!"


It's getting closer and closer.  Why won't you move!?!!?  Am I dreaming or awake?  I'm confused, powerless, and afraid.

Finally the spell seems to break; the torture is over.  I can move.  

I awaken to find myself lying on my side in a fetal position (not on my back).  

The spider was never there.  



Living with three other roommates, you don't get a lot of privacy, but this was going too far.  

"I'm sleeping for fucks sake!" I think I say.  

not a sound can be heard

That was weird, try again.  This time, I inhale deeply, then push out all the air in my lungs and with a powerful scream from the center of my body yell... "GO AWAY!!!"

nothing. no sound. my mouth doesn't even open

She's just there, hovering over my body.  I desperately want her to move, but she doesn't budge.  She's watching me sleep, her face just inches from mine.  I don't understand her intentions.  I don't know what she plans to do, but I know I need to push her away and my body just won't respond.  

Then I wake, my body aching from the effort: the muscles I tried to move, but couldn't, the screams that fought to get out, but vanished into another realm.

This is too much.  


A friend of mine had some eerie travel experiences, during which he learned some theories about these incidents and proposed an explanation for their occurance.  The belief was that these experiences are caused by spirits "messing with us", playing with our emotions for their amusement.  He didn't clarify whether it was malicious or jovial play, but I imagined the former.  This idea got in my head and terrified me.  I didn't sleep well for weeks.  I tried reading books, watching tv, telling myself it was all in my head.  Maybe the spirits saw my suffering and decided to leave me alone. Perhaps they just got bored.  Either way, it hasn't happened since.  

Created: Apr 23, 2014

Tags: spirits, nightmares, sleep paralysis, spiders, dreams, stuck, fear, odd roommates, legend

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