My Dream Girl

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I met my dream girl in the beginning of my junior year. The thought of her made my life run in circles. This person was so unique in a way only I can see it or so I thought. I remember the first conversation I had with her and it was over a physics review that I was working on. I asked my friend for some help but instead she jumped into the conversation and said I can give it to you if you want. I replied with a chuckle and a polite no thanks but in my mind I was going crazy, imagining so many scenarios were I ended up carrying her away. That sounds weird but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks that. Anyways this person makes my day something worthwhile no matter what I've been through just the sight of her makes me want to jump with anticipation. Not a day goes by when she somehow pops up in my head smiling. I had a dream of this girl one night and to be honest it was an amazing dream. I had pictured us sitting in the same group and I turned to her and said can I ask you a question? She turned to me and said ok. Then came the weird part I said I know we don't talk much but would you go out with me? But before she can say anything I woke up. That gave me an idea that maybe I should really ask her, so the following day nervous to even be near her I decided to go through with it. I saw her walking to her class and I thought it was a perfect time. I ran after her and pulled her to the side and asked her the same way I did in my dream. Nervous to know the answer she took a while to speak,  she looked at me and said sorry but I'm talking to someone else. Disappointed I said I'm sorry I just wanted to ask and then I walked away. Ever since that day my dreams of ever being with her started to crumble and now I just want to go back to the day we first met.

Created: Apr 23, 2014


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