Thoughts on Dreams, Doors and Realms

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I figured I should throw some thoughts about dreams out there as it's always been something that fascinated me.


Why is it so easy to forget dreams that we have when we sleep?

It's apparently common to have multiple dreams when sleeping, but why is it that we can barely remember even just one. Often times, I'm aware that I've just had a dream that was incredibly vivid and can still feel the emotions I've felt in that dream upon waking up. Either my heart is beating incredibly fast for some reason I can't remember, or my palms are all red from the fist I've been making due to something I'm not really quite sure of. By the time I try to look back at what the dream was all about, I can't quite remember what most of it is anymore even though it's only been a few seconds since I've woken up.


Then there are daydreams.

It's funny how it's difficult to remember any sort of dream that we've just had while sleeping, but so easy to jump into a dream while we're awake. It's like, there are two doors. One for the dreams we have while we sleep, and one for dreams we have when we're awake. The former having a lock with a surprise of the unknown everytime you open it; while latter's just an easy, twist-of-the-door-knob kind. Most of the time, daydreams are happy, bubbly, us living in our easily accessible fantasies. They're controllable and we can just come and go whenever we like.


Then there's lucid dreaming.

This to me is pretty interesting. Most of us can't remember what we've dreamt about, or that we've dreamt at all while we sleep. But in a lucid dream, the dreamer is aware that they're dreaming in their sleep yet can still continue on to live out this dream.  They're pretty much living another life doing whatever they can get away with in their dream. It's having control of your dreamland, consciously.  It's sort of like, entering the locked dream door, only to find a door that leads you to the daydream room... but you're asleep. So, is it really dreaming or a type of awakedness? If you're conscious of what you're doing in your dream, does that still mean you're dreaming while sleeping or just awake in your sleep?


There's also the idea of the soul leaving the body to enter a 'dream realm.'

Back in the day, the Chinese used to see dreams as an out of body experience of sorts, where your soul leaves the body to go adventure into the "dream realm." The Chinese thought going into the dream realm and looking into your dream could help you understand more about yourself, but if woken up too soon, your soul may not have the time to return.

What if you just meet someone you really like in the dream realm and don't want to go when it's time to wake up? Or what if you're stuck helping someone or something else in the dream realm when it's time to go? I guess that does tell you about yourself, but there's also the consequence that you may just be stuck there forever. But that can't be so bad, can it? Cause I guess you'll never know seeing as, to you, you're still just dreaming.


So what if our dreams are realities for others out there in the great unknown?

As a child, I always fancied and believed the idea that whenever I'd have a dream, I'm really travelling to a different part of the universe. Somewhere far in the unkown, to some alternate reality that thinks we're probably their alter reality. I suppose I believed that this alternate place I'm travelling to is my "dream realm" of sorts. I've thought that I probably just switch lives with my alter reality selves. In which case, perhaps we're supposed to keep our dream lives separate from our real "lives" or conscious selves so as not to distort anything in our current world. If I just keep on living the dream I have at night in whichever alternate self I just replaced, we won't be able to switch back, thus, forever just ceasing to exist in our own worlds. It'd be weird.


Created: Apr 23, 2014

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