Making your Dreams a Reality and Your Dreams becoming Reality..

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We need a way to record our dreams because many a times I have Dreamt what I thought was the most amazing idea for a movie and even dreamt an awesome Horror idea..then you wake in the morning and Oh...its locked away in my subconcious damn.

What would be interesting is If you did ever get up in the night and actually wrote that idea down..would it be awesome like you thought? I think so because our imagination thinks of crazy way out there ideas, that are fresh and new!

This led me to thinking a great segment idea for the show that should be covered is the amazing Ideas people have dreamt of before making it a reality! The ideas that came into world famous minds as ideas and inspiration..and the ideas of others yet to be made a reality..Sadly I did not write them down on that note book I was meant to put by my bed incase of the next time!

For some examples I hope I can use as a reference...I beleive I seen in an interview actor David Tennant (or definately a doctor who actor) dreamt he played Doctor Who and Years later he Played the Iconic character in Reality, Also I just quickly researched online and read that James Cameron first dreamt/nightmared the idea for the Terminator film, I read he woke and sketched the idea down of the robot he had seen attacking a girl! Wow if thats true! :)

Created: Apr 23, 2014


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