Digipistolary (PED 2014 #22)

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I sit here before the glow

to handwrite my love in pixels-

Dancing stylus across the screen

of paper pre-burnt in ways electrical

But in self-referential arrogance of

hipster-asshole "old-new-irony-before-it-was-cool"

Refuge I've lost anything good to feel

          (I'm just left scrawling self-ridicule)

A privelaged smart-ass with a magic pen

Using a future super computer to carve bad cursive script

Hoping that he won't (since this is no letter - not to "Dear Anyone"-

-yet still played w/ epistolary) be tripped

and caught as the massive dick he is.


I imagine - had this actually been a letter-

A simple email would've done me better.



                          A Jackass


Created: Apr 22, 2014

Tags: poem, self-deprecating, hipster, bullshit, comedy, epistolary, poem every day

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