Weird Dreams/Dreams Don't Mean a Thing

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**Note - I had a very weird dream when I was a bit younger. It was so weird and so odd, when I woke up I was laughing. The imagery stuck with me so much I ended up turning it into a short story. (The story is the cited source if anyone wants to take/expand on it. I had originally planned it as a 3 part tale, but just haven't gotten around to writing the other two parts.) But I figured I would just outline it as well in order to just showcase my dream.**


- The first thing I remember is being in Walmart
- The really strange thing though? I just knew it was my school field trip - What a great field trip right?
- I had split up from my class and happened to run into my friend who was doing this weird trick with rugs. He was unravelling them, holding from the top and the way he jump and hit the floor would go parrallel to the floor and be rolled up into the middle of the rug. 
- It looked fun so I joined in
- Out of nowhere I was transported, walking back to the school - which just so happened to be located in the parking lot of Walmart. (Talk about cheap field trip eh?)
- Then one of the older kids I knew rushed us in a furious rage - almost rabid like.
- He gave me a bear hug from behind and somehow I escaped
- He chased us into the school and I was running down the hallway thinking I had lost him. At the end of the hallway there was the door into the gymnasium, you could turn right to go outside, or you could go left to continue down a different hallway.
- From the left option, the older kid chasing me, jumped in front of me
- Somehow I slid between his legs and did a weird turn into the gymnasium (and here is where it gets really crazy)
- As I entered the gym, a giant sourcream container with treacherous plastic teeth appeared and swallowed me up.
- Then I woke up - Laughing.


This is a long way of saying, I don't think dreams mean anything. I honestly don't think I have ever had a dream make a viable impact on my thoughts or life. Unless it was to write down how idiotic my brian can actually be sometimes.

Created: Apr 22, 2014


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