2 quotes about darkness (The Republic, by Plato)

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"Here is no path, I said, and the wood is dark and perplexing; still we must push on." (BOOK IV)

"Any one who has common sense will remember that the bewilderments of the eyes are of two kinds, and arise from two causes, either from coming out of the light or from going into the light, which is true of the mind's eye, quite as much as of the bodily eye; and he who remembers this when he sees any one whose vision is perplexed and weak, will not be too ready to laugh; he will first ask whether that soul of man has come out of the brighter life, and is unable to see because unaccustomed to the dark, or having turned from darkness to the day is dazzled by excess of light." (BOOK VII)


Full Book: The Republic, by Plato (Public Domain)

Created: Apr 22, 2014

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