The most terrifying dream I've ever had...

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When I was a child I was a huge Michael Jackson fan, I had all of his albums and the VHS tapes of his music videos. If he was ever on TV, you could bet I'd be sitting right there watching it.

I believe it was the fifteenth (or other) anniversary of when the Thriller video was first released, and VH1 was celebrating by showing all of his videos back-to-back for an entire weekend. Over 48 hours I must have seen the Thriller video at least a dozen times, and I guess it finally seeped into my subconscious because the last night I had the scariest dream I'd ever had as a child that my mom turned into a werewolf and started chasing me around the house, trying to eat me. I remember very distinctly one part of the dream where I was hiding in the basement and hearing my werewolf mom coming down the stairs, all raspy breath and huge terrifying sillhouette. It was all so vivid that I woke up fully convinced it was real. My mom was a werewolf.

At the time our house was very, very small so my mom and I had to share a room while my brothers slept in the other bedroom. For the next three weeks I was terrfied every day of the sun going down, and I laid awake until the early hours of the morning, staring at my mom's sleeping form and waiting for her to turn into a howling, snarling dog-human hybrid and come after me.

I've always been the kind to have very realistic dreams, and I've had some pretty terrifying nightmares, but that one definitely sticks out as the one that affected me the most as a kid. I never really lost sleep over any other dream. Looking back, I probably could have used a little bit of therapy.


Created: Apr 22, 2014

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