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I thought I'd answer the questions in a text record. Hope that's alright. Haven't the time to make a video, sorry

"Do your Dreams ever have meaning? Please give a specific example."

- When I was a little younger, I used to always think they did. One night, my subconscious took me to a world above the clouds and I was flying and soaring over cities. Then my curious conscious mind spurred me on to look what my dream meant on a website and it was detailing how I longed for freedom which, then, I suppose makes sense as I was feeling pretty under pressure with school and things and how I wanted to get away from that. Even now, that meaning is very true, I think.  


"What is a memorable Dream you have had? Be specific."
- My imagination is pretty wild so my dreams are usually extreme and fantastical and sometimes, downright strange. One dream I'll probably never forget happened when I was around 9. My family and I were all shapeshifting crimefighters. We were in a bright city with neon signs and towering skyscrapers, traversing the streets as animals and fighting wrongdoers everywhere. The antagonists were very stereotypical bad guys; wearing ski-masks and carrying bags of money over their shoulders as they tip-toed towards as shady-looking truck. In my cheetah form, I would chase down their getaway vehicles and slash their tires with my claws while my brother, in the form of a monkey, threw banana peels to incapacitate and hilariously trip up the criminals. My dad was in the form of a bear, mauling anyone that tried to come near us or aimed a gun at us whereas my mother and sister were protecting the bystanders, in the forms of a horse and a dog respectively. We were a pretty epic team and I felt pretty good the morning after.

"What are your Recurring Dreams? Do they give insight into your daily thoughts, fears and anxieties?"

- You probably noticed the omission of the question about the nightmares. If not, well, that's okay because here it is. Over the course of a few months now, I've had the same nightmare almost every night, only having a dreamless sleep when I go to bed tired. Now this dream is rather gruesome, not for the faint of heart or for the squeamish so if you are then please skip on to my last question.

It varies night to night but the idea is the same. A lightbulb overhead flickers on, its dim, amber light giving me a field of vision no more than a meter or so ahead. I step forward, legs weak and shaking. I don't get far. In front of me is a glass pane, polished and cleaned to the point of pure transparency that, now and again, I dont even see it there. In a fit of confusion, I stumble back and my body hits another cold surface. More glass. My arms outstretch, feeling for an entrance but to no avail. I'm trapped. Stuck inside a glass box, sealed all around me and nothing I can do allows for my escape. Then another light flickers on a bit away. A figure is bound to a chair, gagged and bloody. They look up to me, eyes pleading. I always know who they are. The person changes but every night, it's someone I love. A faceless figure, almost Slenderman-esque, comes up behind them and holds a gun to their head. I yell in protest, begging them to stop but the trigger is pulled. Then another light flickers on. Someone else is held with a knife to their throat and I shout myself hoarse, begging for mercy on their behalf. But the blade cuts through anyway. You get where this is going. Every night it's the same. And every night it doesn't stop until I wake. I've seen my relatives, best friends and other loved ones die a hundred ways over the course of a few months and every night, I can't save them.

So I guess, this reveals how I'm scared of being helpless when people I care about are in danger or are hurt. It's a pretty extreme fear. But I come from a country where the crime rates are frighteningly high. My hobbies include plunging myself into fictional worlds of danger, either on screen; in a book or a story of my own creation. Either way, my mind asks 'What if?' What if something happens to someone I love? Would I even know how to help them, much less do so? So I'm pretty scared that I wont be able to do anything about it and even the thought makes me uneasy.

"Are you living 'The Dream?' Also, what does that phrase even mean?"

- To live The Dream, I think, is to live the best life you can manage. To live a life where everything works out to suit you. Some big money career isnt even necessary - though, admittedly, it would be nice. To live The Dream is to live the life where you're happiest. Surrounded by people you love, doing something you love and having just enough money to keep it going.

Right now, no, I'm not living it. But I'm certainly working hard towards it.


Created: Apr 22, 2014


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