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I love the slapstick routine of seeing someone doing something ordinary in their day, and then their future self running up to them and smacking them, or knocking something out of their hand, and running off without saying a word. I like the idea of your future self going to all the trouble to do something that seems kind of innocuous, that unbeknowst to you would have had dire consequences. 

Something like eating a sandwich in an open air cafe on the edge of a square, and the future you appears and looks at past you and smacks the sandwich out of your hand, and then just runs off. This could be done with twins, just have to make sure that it is obvious that it's supposed to be future you, and not twin dressed in something funky. Maybe using an effect to have the twin appear out of thin air?

Just makes me laugh any time I see this bit, my 2 cents. 

Created: Apr 22, 2014

Tags: re: the future, slapstick, cold open, bumper

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