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Over this past weekend, I was organizing my study and came across the famous red folder of my high school days. Within this red folder is a stack of loose notebook paper with all our songs.


The year was 1998, and I was a freshman or “fishy” as the upper classmen called us.

My new friends (and one old) and I decided we needed to start an all-girl band. Somehow we landed on calling ourselves Sugar Rush (I really wish I could remember why or how that was what we settled on).

Anyway, I designed our name and first album cover (the original sketch still lives in this faded red folder).

I had never played the drums but I immediately called dibs and agreed to sing backup. Obviously.

Reading these lyrics through my 14 year old eyes, we were going to have a multi-platinum record in our future. No question.

Fast forward to the year 2014.

Reading these through my 31 year old eyes, I just shake my head. How did we possibly think this was good?

We clearly were angry young girls.

We hated the concept of love. We hated the popular girls. We hated…


It’s funny how perspective can really change how you analyze a situation.

Maybe everyone around us wasn’t the problem.

Maybe if we had changed our attitude we could have enjoyed high school.

Then again, this wisdom comes with age I suppose.


The funny thing is we NEVER actually played. We just sat in a circle on the cafeteria floor before school and wrote out our future award winning songs.

Created: Apr 22, 2014

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