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So, it's 1:30am and I can't sleep. This is the result: a late night ramble.

So, I've been watching heaps of testimonials regarding the topic of school. Everyone seems to either have good memories or horrible memories of school. Well, it really depends on the type of school you went to. Let me tell you about my experiences and overall opinion of school.

I attended quite a few different schools. My family moved around quite a bit and so I kept having to change schools. Primary school (which is from the age 5 to 12) was a mostly good time for me. You get the odd bullying and challenges with friends but I think back on it as being good. Highschool however was a different story. I attended an all boys, uniform school. It was a public school and not religious BUT it was a very traditional school and we sang hymns in assembly and had very traditional ceremonies when it came to prizegivings, assemblies etc. All boys schools tend to be very closed minded and anyone out of place got bullied relentlessly. I was a nerd and spent my highschool days not socialising, skipping school and going out with girls but doing my homework, attending classes and just being what a nerd does. I was also extremely shy and scared to be myself. I couldn't talk to girls and my friends were just kids like me, outcasts and nerds. They weren't really friends to be honest, just the leftovers I guess. We had nothing in common. Towards the end of highschool it got better but only because I immersed myself in music. I was in the concert band, orchestra, played piano and flute, composed for grades and for a composition course I was doing, did theory and performance exams. Apart from music I was still a shy, geeky kid with no social skills and no confidence. The bullying didn't help.

The thing about highschool is it brainwashes you to think that 'this is it, this is how things work'. You go to class, you do what you're told, you get marks. The real world is anything but. After leaving highschool I realized what was actually possible and you could be WHOEVER you wanted to be. If you wanted to dye your hair blue and get tattoos and wear ridiculous clothes, then do it. If you wanted to study philosophy and start a zine, then do it. In highschool I felt programmed, that these were the few limited possibilities you could choose from. I felt restricted. I guess, I'm a bit slow. I only see what I've already learnt. I need to be told about other things. Different music, different ways of thinking, different art. I guess that's why now I'm so open to ideas and concepts. There is no 'right' way of thinking. There is no 'right' way to live. There is no such thing as 'good' music. Well, there is but I can normally find good qualities in even the worst music.

OK, I'm losing the point. I guess I'm trying to say that highschool for me was NOT a great environment for a young, innocent, naive boy to go through. My life didn't start until I left highschool and started university. My life didn't start until I moved out of home and lived with a plethora of diverse people. My life didn't start until I worked with these weird and wacky people. I feel people become closed minded in highschool and their world is in a tiny bubble. We all need to step outside the bubble. Move to another city or country. Meet people you would not normally associate yourself with. Try new things. We need to expand ourselves.

OK, I need sleep now. I apologise for my late night ramblings. I'm just unloading.

Created: Apr 22, 2014

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