The Problem With Halcyon (Poem Every Day: 22)

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Replacement memories to sew the tapestry together

And bitters in the tonic to make them blend like ink

The ten-gallon drum of anger I've been spiking with light

Is much too dark to purify, it's too deep to even drink

Backtracking across plains to find where the tracks break

Adding colors to what I remember until I vomit in the sink

What a grand finale I've devised inside my guts

It's all the problems with halcyon, my regrets when I blink

Faster and faster spins the carousel, the horses

Forever posed to run from nothing but each other

Polar glaciers of glass in the arches of my feet

So my path can be remembered by my absent lover

Drawing the oiled comb through unwashed hair

With just enough of my scorched skin to cover

All the cracks in the plaster I call my body

Every author is a liar, every artist is a thief

We believe we are rediscovering these frontiers

When we're just bombing atolls, destroying reef 

I regret everything I've ever written

That had to do with love or loss or misery

I regret meeting every apostle, saint, and martyr

Because hymnals are at the heart of all your injury

The problems with halcyon, the colors I keep creating

Is the exorcism that follows when I stop breathing

For a single moment, to remember all your flaws

Are more beautiful than anything worth believing

Could come and collect me and hide me away

But ugly men fear the sun, and I fear what you could say

The problem with halcyon, and color, is there's nothing left say


Created: Apr 22, 2014

Tags: poem every day, prose, problem, poetry, halcyon, twenty two, rhyme

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