Brace Yourself

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I had a back brace for severe scoliosis from the second I stepped on my middle school campus until the day I left. This isn't a huge problem for most classes, but for gym it was a nightmare. Changing into and out of gym clothes in front of other middle school girls who talk crap about anything and everything is bad enough. Add a back brace and that becomes your worst class of the day. A back brace is an expensive piece of equipment that rarely fits into the lockera provided (how strange that the school wouldn't account for that) so I regularly left it in the gym teacher's office. One day I didn't get it back before the doors were locked and had to worry about a painful plastic crutch for the next 24 hours. 


I imagine a sketch where a student (male or female) is changing in a middle school gym and desperately trying to hide some disfigurement. There is a physical hole through his or her middle to symbolize any physical difference that would make this is an embarrassing moment in an already trying period of a kids life.

Created: Apr 22, 2014

Tags: gym, embarassing, embarassment, awkward moments, school

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