Haitian Earthquake surviver's high school life

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I am a current high student in california, but just tested out by passing the CHSPE or California High School Proficiency Exam along with a friend. We are both planning on attending the local community college next year. I am a junior and my friend is a sophomore. my friend just plain out hates high school and doesn't find it challenging enough and wants to go to college and become an actress. I find school way to hard with very little or none benefits. I have dyslexia (a learning disability that makes it hard to read and write as well as make many people see thing very differemt than most) , so I takes my hours to complete one piece of homework and I live quite a way from the high school so I have basically no social life. My life is very very different from the average teen, since I live on a ranch, went to a very small middle and elementary school, traveled to several third world countries, was in the Haiti earthquake, and have learning disabilities ( but lucky they aren't the hardest ones). I see things very different than other people so high school really doesn't work for me. It's big, restrictive, refuses most change, and gives me lots of false hope especially when it comes to helping me with my dyslexia. Since my dyslexia has never been an extreme case, is a bit better now, and I haven't been retested for it I have only a few privileges to help me do better in school, but none of them help. My case isn't bad enough to need serious help but bad enough that my teachers, tutor, and parents constantly have to help me everyday, but they usually can't help without changing everything. Even with my dyslexia, I wish to become a writer, an actress, possible director, and anything else in the film industry. I love to read and write but school has taken up so much time I get no time to really do anything, it keeps trying to change and control the way I write and I feel I get penalized when I do take time to read or write outside of school work. 

At the moment I am on a linguistic exchange program in Tahiti but will be back in the states soon. This trip, which was organized by my French teacher, has really changed a lot for me. I have been able to face some fears left over from the Haiti earthquake and see that there is so much more out there not just cities and dying cities but real beauty. School and life is really hard for me and I know people try to help but they usually just don't get it. I love learning but high school is not for me at all, I hope college will be better and that some day I will be able to really be able to enjoy life not just fight through it. School has always seemed to be the main thing in my way, example: I'm not this trip right now but spring break was last week and all my teachers still expect me to get all my homework done and turned in right when I get back, and those few teachers that said "oh don't worry about you can do it when you get back." what does that mean? I mean thanks you for giving me time but am I really expected to do this weeks work on top of next weeks work? I don't expect to just get a pass for all the assignments but it would be nice if I, and all the others on this trip with me, could get a bit of a break, I mean we are only trying to see the world and live life. Don't they want that for us? Isnt that sorta the point of school so you will be ready for life. Well we are just trying to check it out.

Also, about seeing teachers outside of school, I see a few of mine out and about; and, since I went to a small elentary/middle school that  is in the center of my town, I see some of my old teachers too. I have never thought it weird, I mean I know people think that teachers stay at school and it's weird to think they have a life outside of it but to me there just like family friends that come to school and teach us, like when a parent helps with homework they teach you how to do it then go back to being a parent. I dont know it just doesnt seem strange to me. I kind of like seeing teachers outside of school, to me it's like seeing well a family friend. 

Created: Apr 22, 2014


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