psuedo suicide

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She sleeps all through the day, all night

Her dreams, not bright, of light: in fright

Her darkest fears, here, come alive

Alive in places she ought not thrive.

Her mind reminds her dream of this

Of this, in bliss, she slits her wrists

She can’t control her utmost fear

Of being here, of him to her near.


Her sheets, they wrap and suffocate

And seal her fate: they commiserate

Forever new with soiled sweat

They place their bets, and she regrets

Of finding joy in sleeping through

Her confrontational fears renewed

And now, alas, her sleep is tainted

For rest, there’s none.  Fears reacquainted.


Her days, they don’t offer recluse

She tries to withdraw, but it’s no use

Her peers, they slash her life with fame

They match up gossip to her name.

She dreams of this at twilight’s wake
Into her heart, she’ll pierce a stake

And once she fears her life is broken

She wakes up startled, her words still spoken.


She’ll kill herself when dawn draws near

But wakes up to nightmareish fears

That she’s not gone from Earthy hell

But in her dreams, she’s in a spell.

They bring her back in her last breath

And taunt her with untimely death.

Now see, this girl, she wonders why

She lives in pseudo suicide.


Created: Apr 22, 2014

Tags: nightmare, suicide dream, poetry

Lindsey Mele Document Media