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Heaving heavy breaths of hot air 

Taking in the task before me

The gods are grinning with a ghastly stare

The scorched sky opens up sending fists of thunder and earth upon us

The wispy hair of the mother goddess, now a tangled tortured mess

This Herculean hero knows what he must do

His fate, his destiny 

Meaning and purpose drive him now

Flowing through his heart

Out of his chrysalis the butterfly emerges 

Metamorphosis complete

He leaps

Flying, falling, its all the same

Up is down and down is onwards

Toward my vision so close and so far

These wings of faith keep me on the path

Closer to the face her stare is blinding and her scream is deafening

Twisting, twirling tunnels I travel through 

Faster I fall

Finally her nose touches mine and we embrace


Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust 

The angry goddesses is tamed 

In the end faith and love conquer all

The earth is safe, for a time at least

Peace is released from the grip of anguish and the butterfly is reborn

Free to fly flower to flower drinking the nectar and dew

The sun rises and the cycle starts anew.

Created: Apr 22, 2014

Tags: poetry, free-verse

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