Things They Don't Teach in School

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  1. Where to find the best pizza

  2. Where not to get your dry cleaning done

  3. How to conquer your fear of the drive-thru

  4. How to conquer fear of any kind

  5. How to actually study

  6. Why it isn't okay to sing to yourself

  7. How to properly ask someone on a date

  8. How to reply to someone asking you on a date

  9. How to determine whether you are being asked on a date

  10. To not use the stairwells when in the city

  11. Conversation etiquette (i.e. how to properly enter a conversation)

  12. How to flirt

  13. When you know you should flirt

  14. What color looks best with your eyes

  15. How to use the TV channel guide

  16. How to curb your impulse to buy that one pair of shoes at the one store 

  17. Why real life is so bad

  18. How to be a good listener

  19. How to realize you're being the stupid one in an argument

  20. How to swallow your pride

  21. When to apply "Brevity is the soul of wit"

  22. Why it's good to be kind

  23. Why it's good to be assertive

  24. Why it's bad to be bossy

  25. How to ask someone if they're okay

  26. Why it hurts so much when you're left out of something

  27. How to improve your self esteem

  28. When to ask for help

  29. When to know you're finished with something

  30. How to walk away

  31. How to stop making lists

Created: Apr 22, 2014

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