you got all you need [koura raw hoop footage 2 - sunflares]

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*figures to put this note on each RECord!*

soooo.... i don't really play an instrument [well, like flute but not sure how to add that to this!]

anyway - i heard the harmonica spaceship added and it just made me want to dance! so while im not the best hoop spinner! [i've taken maybe 10 classes - i'm still learning!!] i figured i would add this for whatever its worth ^_^

i put it to the track with the harmonica because that's what i was dancing to but it is really just rough footage - no edit at all. and i was just kinda rocking out so my hoop goes out of frame a bit - uploading all of it for whatever is useful!

i have a few takes i will be uploading! <3

**harmonica and camera by spaceship** <3 

Created: Apr 22, 2014


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