programmed (RE: school) 1st draft

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dark screen

*voice over*

"from day one of school we are programmed to become robots"

a young student is shown sitting in a classroom, staring blankly at the board, the teacher is writing something on it, but it looks like gibberish. Teacher looks drained and exhausted.
The classroom has dark and uninviting setting.

The voice over continues

"we are taught to sit down, memorize textbook after textbook, do everything we can in order to get an A on a test; and then forget everything the minute we exit the classroom"

meanwhile student is shown sitting staring at a textbook looking nervous and in a rush to study as much as s/he can

back to classroom:
teacher is handing back tests, the student got an A- and looks disappointed. Before the students gets to open the test form to look at his mistakes the teacher reminds the class that they have another test next week. Immedeately the stress begins again and there's a repetition of the scene before (where the student was staring at a textbook).

voice over:
"We teach our kids that the only thing that matters is getting a good grade rather than studying in order to become better-thinking, intellectual people. But it doesn't have to be this way"

back to the classroom. The class is full of light and there are decorations on the wall, the teacher has a big smile on his/her face and speaks to the class, s/he is using a lot of hand gestures and is really into the moment and their teaching. 

"We can teach our kids passion, motivation and hardwork"

student is writing an essay and seems legitemetly focused. 

"we can give them the freedom to find out who they are and learn about the things that make them happy"

student reads a book with a flashlight unter the blanket in his/her room

"we can teach them to study for themselves and their developement, not a letter grade"

student gets a B+ and seems very happy about it, teacher gives him a smile

"yes, it's not as easy and there's a long way to go, but when our kids are going to go to school and be happy and excited to know that they're learning interesting important things it'll all be worth it"



Created: Apr 22, 2014

Tags: script

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