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For those who have not read my record "Number One Daughter", I have an older sister who went to a public high school, but skipped through most of it and ended up dropping out. Because of that, Number Two daughter (me) got to enjoy my high school years at a private all-girl convent school. The school building itself was so old that it was classified as a national historic site in Canada (I think some of the nuns were too.)

There was an expectation that there would be more control at a private school and less chance of me running wild like my sister did, and there was some truth to that. For example, if you were five minutes late to any class, both of your parents were notified, and the nun police was sent out to find you. If you were caught smoking, you could be expelled. Their curriculum was a bit more regimented too. I remember some of my friends in public school had the option of taking hairdressing courses or shop classes. Our only choice was in our last year of school - we could decide between a focus on Science or Math.

I could live with the stricter control, less choice of courses, even the "no boys anywhere ever" aspects of going there. But the one thing I could never accept and be comfortable with was the uniform we had to wear. It was a green plaid tartan skirt with dark green tights and plain black shoes (no heels). The only variety offered was that you could wear a cream coloured blouse or cream coloured turtleneck. And you were not allowed to show up wearing what you wanted and then change when you got there. Nope. You had to show up wearing it and leave wearing it.

To this day I can remember how mortified my 12-year-old self felt, having to wear that uniform on the bus, in the metro, walking in my neighborhood between the bus stop and my house, where strangers and people I knew (boys too!) could see me. It wasn’t until I was older and learned how to wear jeans over my tights, or to roll up the top of my skirt to make it a mini, and to wear cool boots or shoes that I could quickly change with the plain boring ones I carried in my school bag before walking into school, that I got over that embarrassment

Created: Apr 21, 2014


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