Homecoming night (Short story)

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Lauren was new that year at her school. She didn’t know many people, so when it came to going to the homecoming dance, she didn’t really want to. She had made a few friends though, and they all wanted her to go. Why would she go by herself when all her friends were going on dates? That just seemed boring and awkward, and that’s usually Lauren, but she wanted that year to be different.

Days after that, her friend Marissa came to her:
- Lauren, I got you a date for the dance.
- I’m not going. Thanks, but it’s okay.
- No, no…you don’t get it. I sent your picture to my friend Michael and he showed it to one of his friends who didn’t have a date. He says he really liked you and wants to go to homecoming with you. How exciting!

That seemed like an awful lot of trouble to get her a date, but she decided to go with it. She had never been the type of girl to have many boys around, so this changed it for her.
- Oh cool. What’s his name? Do you know him?
Marissa told her all about Kevin and he seemed great. Lauren even started to like him a little.

On homecoming night Kevin seemed a bit nervous, which was odd for Lauren since he was on the baseball team and she thought every sports guy was confident, but it made it more real for her. She was excited to live a new experience and to have a great night.
They talked on the way to the school gym to take pictures and he was kind, but ten minutes after getting to the dance floor, he was nowhere to be seen. Lauren immediately thought she had been ditched, but Marissa and everyone else told her they just saw him go to the bathroom.
Lauren sat down for a bit while waiting for him to come back. Song after song she realized she has actually been ditched. Also, none of her friends had come back to check up on her. Well, at least not until Rachel (Marissa’s best friend) also came to seat down for a while, by herself.
- Rach, where’s your date?
- I don’t know. Luke said he had to go somewhere but he never came back.
- Kevin said the same thing.
- Kevin who?
- Kevin, my date. He’s on the baseball team. Number 10, I think?
- Oh, yeah, right. Well, I’m not about to wait for anyone, I’m leaving. You coming?

That’s when Lauren realized: her purse was inside Kevin’s car. She was planning on not talking to him again, which seemed easy since she hadn’t met him before that night, but now that was ruined. She got extremely nervous and cold. Confrontation was not her thing, she’d much rather run away from trouble, but she couldn’t just leave without her things.
They decided to look for him and found him quite easily, talking to his baseball buddies and some girls.
- Kevin…um…I need to get my purse from your car.
- Why?
- I’m leaving.
- Why?
- We’re both leaving. We weren’t having fun like everyone else.
- Why? This is a fun party.
- Um…can we just go to the car? Please?
- Sure.

She wanted to call him out and tell him how sad and bad she felt that night, but those words never came out of her mouth. They went to the car, took the purse, and left. Kevin said one last thing:
- I’m sorry you didn’t have fun.

As Lauren walked away, tears started dripping down her face. He had shown to care at least a little for her with those last words, but it didn’t make up for the embarrassment she felt when she had to sit by herself while all her friends were dancing. The excitement of going to the dance with a date, and the dissapointment of leaving without one.

Created: Apr 21, 2014

Tags: teenage girl, school, story, prom, prose, sad, school dance, homecoming

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