life on the line (PED #21: Edges)

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Walk the line. 

A song, a film,

A command I followed on a whim, only to discover that life is better at the edges. 

I'd been landed in heart of things, the centre coming naturally as a place of centrality for

an attention-seeker.

Yet mistaken, tugged or intended I found myself making a line towards the horizon line,

and now I would not be anywhere else.

From the line you can see both sides of the story, past and future, inside and out, the is and is not, 

the Heart and Beyond.

And you're in the priviledged position to watch the very collision 

Of sides and lines making crosses and corners where edges


I won't promise it's easy, walking the line, following a set path.

Tread carefully,

For I am afraid if I fall, one side or the other, I will not come back.


So instead I'm slowly skirting the edges hoping, maybe, one day,

a centre, a Heart, will catch my eye and pull me so completely I forget about my line and just,

Fall for it.

Created: Apr 21, 2014

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