Will You Read To Me? (PED: VO 21)

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Will you read to me?

Something that is precious

something that is worth holding on to life for

will you let me into your heart?


Will you read to me?

A passage from your life story

leaving in the parts where you let others down.


Will you act out all your moments of glory?

Will you face me in the moments you cried?


Will you read to me?

Here in my bedroom

under a night light

just like a child.


Will you lie to me?

About adventures and tomorrows

will I gasp at the action to take place?


Will you read to me?

with your voice that is so soothing

till my heart slows to the sound of the wind

and my heavy eyes close on you again.

Created: Apr 21, 2014

Tags: voice over, remix, poetry, reading

dragonflyqueen8 Audio Media