Swimming life !!

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The narration is done by some one close to the girl, the person will be revealed by the end. 

The narration potrays the thoughts and worry of the narrator.

There is a twist to the story making this animation a emotional rollercoster , I feel so. :)


( Narration)

She followed, the dream, the obsession, her belief with faith and courage.


It was scary to let her go swim into the beauty and darkness of this liquid world beneath. 

I should have known no matter what, she will follow her belief. 




The girl in a whale, swims with courage and love in her heart.


All the adventure offers till now are few fishes and plastic bags. 


She decides to go deep further , a look of determination on her face. 




I know she will not quit , I know she will go till the end and search every corner of this blue earth.

The fact that I can't do anything now but wait, hurts.


I will wait.




A look of worry on her face. 

The water is deep, pressure is hard and the whale is old. 

Finally she discovers a unique creature. 

The eyes and calmness of a wise man. 

She looks into its eyes and knows she can trust this huge tortoise. 

She understands him telling her to let go and trust. 

Reluctant but firm towards her goal, she lets go.

The whale falls apart.

She drowns but is held and calmed down.


She can breath as if the ocean is a ally now.



There are sharks , darkness , creature so dangerous and wicked for a child so fragile. 

Why would she come here all alone ? 


( scene ) 

She enjoys the ride of wise tortoise. 

She is too smart not to figure out that this tortoise is not real.

She makes a quick move and looks through the periscope. 

She knows those eyes but cant remember who it is, someone she can rely on for sure. 

The man comes up and hugs her. 

She tell him why she came here. 

He wipes off her tears and takes her on his shoulders and off they swim across the beautiful fishes and dangerous sharks. 

Creatures she couldn't name and also a real whale at last. 



I wish she finds what she went for. 

I hope she loves where she is. 

I hope she finds people who will always love her .


( scene ) 

The tortoise slows down. 

She can see some colors and light and children of her age waiting for her to come down.

Cheering her arrival, dancing, colorful jelly fishes forming patterns. 

Octopus going round with pleasure. 

Sea horses playing tunes. 


She was surprised and clinched hard to the reliable strangers hand. 

Finally she found what she came for. 

The boy was running towards her. 

In the moment of delight and pure outburst of emotions and love they met. He held her hand and off they took playing, exploring, falling and fighting.

They all hold hands and look above together, waiting with a smile.



I clinch my bed sheet once again in fear , love and relief knowing they are together atleast in my dreams. 

I wake up and rub dust off the photo.



The narrator is experiencing a dream yet again of her family in another dimension where she believes they have united once again and are waiting for her.


( scene) 

In the photo, the husband wife and both kids on their family boat. 

The girl is very young and in her mothers arms.



Created: Apr 21, 2014


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