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I don't know exactly when this story is set. Not important right this second. In this story Sara is a typical 16 year old teenage girl. She is in high school, focusing on becoming a pilot. Her best freind, Seven, is a cyborg that is in some of her classes at school. Sara and Seven are in love but aren't able to label themselves as a couple because Sara's parents don't want her to be in a relationship with a cyborg. I think this could be an interesting story. I wrote two small sections. Feel free to add on. 


"You sure you don't want to come over tonight? Dad said it's fine."

"No it's alright. I have a lot of homework to do."

"I told you not to take those station classes. When do you fly out next?"

"Monday, and they really aren't that bad you know. The teacher is pretty relaxed. I only have to go up once a week, but the homework is pretty killer somtimes."

"What do you have due?"

"I have to write a demonstrative paper on how to rewire a transport core."

"Scrap. That sounds like a lot of research."

"Well we are allowed to use our B.O.T."

"I thought yours was in the shop."

"Got it back yesterday..Good as new. The mechs in mid-sector did a pretty good job on it. Cheap too."

"That's good. Hey I gotta go. Parents just got in."

"Alright, send me a ring tonight if your hear anymore from Jax."

"Oh, zip it."

Sara powered down her piece and set in on the bedside tray. 

"B.O.T. power up."

Hello Sara. How can I help you.

Sara's wall, facing her bed, glows bright white as the four projectors in the corners of her room make her B.O.T. materialize.

"I need to start on my project."

You have two projects due. Would you like to work on the project for station A or station B.


Okay Sara. Station A project. 3-5 page, demonstrative paper on the rewriring of a transport core. Would you like me to research for you? You have to have at least five sources.

"Yes please, and set up the layout for the paper. Ring when you're done with that and I'll assist in the writing."

Of course, Sara. Goodbye.





"Sara, do you have your paper?"

"Yes, it's sending over now."

"Thank you."

Sara steps back in line with the other students. She looks to her rights at the shuttle. The students start to file in one-by-one. She gets a little nervous as she gets closer to having to enter. Spaceflight always makes her a little uneasy, but it's madatory for anyone wanting to be a pilot.

"Go on Sara."

Sara enters the shuttle and finds her usual seat directly across from Seven. He gives her a reassuring look as she begins to strap in. 

Seven has been Sara's best freind ever since Sara entered the Transpace Pilot Program. Everyone always assumes they are a couple. They always deny it, but Sara can't help but get the impression that they are, in a way, a couple. They are always together, even during schooling hours. 

"I don't understand how you can still be nervous. You literally have traveled hundreds of times now."

"You say that every time you scrap." Sara scowls at Seven as he takes her eyes off her and smiles.

Shuttle will launch in sixty seconds. We still have four occupied seats that aren't buckled. Please, buckle. The intercom shuts off with a little post-static.

"Jen was pissed you didn't come over last night. I snuck over there." Seven looked back up at Sara as he finished tightening his straps.

"I had to finish up my paper. I got a little behind with my B.O.T. in the shop. She didn't tell me you were even coming."  

He notices a hint of irritation in Sara's eyes. "She didn't know I was coming. I showed up hoping you would be there."

"I think Jen likes you." As the words leave Sara's mouth Seven takes his eyes away from her.

"I don't think so. She has never given me a reason to believe she does anyway."

"It's not like it matters anyway I guess. I just get the impression that she does. I've been wrong before though." Sara smirks at him. "Rarely."

"Oh wow! 'Rarely' she says. You're just a regular comic eh?"

Shuttle is launching in 5 seconds. Prepare.




(I've never been the best at character development. But I very much like KaliBali's thoughts on Joe's 'future' thoughts. I will be continuing on with this idea for awhile. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome! I'm really starting to love all of these ideas.)





Created: Apr 21, 2014

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