Abusing the Art of Observation (PED-4/21/2014)

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Selecting techniques so oblique to our senses the sheer fear of thought manifests into a being
An entity to watch as oblivious bi-peddlers back pedal
Bumping and creating commotion in our corner of the universe
Delegate the correct portions of our degradation to our offspring
A surplus for the next generation x
Slowly from the inside a minute spark of electricity deteriorating our brains
Faster than a trip through you know whose strawberry fields
Emphasis on the eye before we except after see factor
This stated after faith per all non-believers
Patiently they nudge this rule into a sliver of a spot in the human condition equation
If seeing believes then why not just plant this frustration earlier come next season
Demanding the future has a more solid foundation with a greater importance
Global planetary overpopulation in regions of increasing numbers and size
Stretching the feathers out to the tips of the scale
Weight that is, reference to a consensus that this is reaching problematic heights
Surely a social tension will yield the quickest results
Uncloaking the true instability in the basic layout of our infrastructure
Anonymous visits from infinite types of sentient, self-aware, conscious beings
Taking our actions in accordingly, with out doubt they are confused by now
Taking them literally and for the energy that they consume just to become of matter
We must restrain them for they exist in a variety of variations thinkable and unthinkable
They look onto us more closely trying to peer into our thoughts;
Will they shunt their beginning appraisal?
Closer looks bringing doubt back into scope again
Disregard it or else suffer the hands a tragic memoir of sorrows will reveal in our own stretching
Reaching for the stars and seeing just another reading of the stories without beginning

Created: Apr 21, 2014

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