Light in the Darkness (Jerzy Jung Remix)

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So, I reaaaally liked Jerzy Jung's Record "Light in the Darkness".  And also liked the Boxsets's remix (though I did not use any of this remix in this record, I liked the beat that Evan put onto the chorus and kinda used something similar in mine so I decided to resource =).  Backstory -- for some reason, Jerzy's haunting vocals gave me this image of a ghost that was a recently-deceased mother who visited her child nightly to sing her to sleep.  I dunno, it just did.


Here's the lyrics:


Fear not my little one

The night is here, close your eyes

When you feel all alone

I'll be here by your side




Though shadows cast their gloom

Wherever your dreams stray

In this lonely empty room

I will light your way




Feel free to take this apart and sing it you want (my vocals are a little cringe worthy at times right now).


Stems to come.  Cheers,


Created: Apr 21, 2014


Traeidein Audio Media