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John (narration): A cop will know that in his life there will be
The case that haunts his sleep for years to come
The hardest case a cop will ever face
The case that breaks you down to live in fear
The case that makes a cop just who he is
He’ll search for days until he finds a clue
And once he thinks he sees the end in sight
He finds the clue that leads another way
So now he travels down a different road
In search of help to end his endless quest
Will this bad stress be pain that ends it all?
Or will he find the clue that solves the case
I do believe that this could be that case

Act I, Scene I
7:30 A.M.
Chief McGinnis: All right lads have I got a case for you. A woman has been hung from the front of Grauman’s Chinese theater. Vic’s name is Alice Thompson. Get over there and do your job.
John: On our way.
Fade to black and then open to a backdrop of the theater. A rope is wrapped tightly around the central flagpole that extends from the grand column on the right side of the main doors to the theater. The lower end of the rope is wrapped around the neck of a woman, slowly swaying in the morning breeze. The victim’s shoulder length blond hair covers part of her face. She is wearing a light sweater over a white dress. Blood is on the ground, multiple stab wounds appear to cover the victim’s body.
Roy: Jesus Christ! Who would do this to someone like her?
John: Let’s just go examine the body for now.
They approach the body and climb up the ladder already set in place by other officers. John delicately cuts the body down with a knife and carries the body down. He does his best to not disturb any of the body. John kneels next to the body and begins searching. She is wearing a dress that is covered in blood.
John: Multiple stab wounds but nothing else. Time of death appears to be around 10 P.M. She has a tag from Grand Laundry on 7th and Rampart. Might be a place to start.
Roy: Anything else? Purse, other belongings, anything like that?
John: No just the tag. We can get an address to the house from the laundromat.
Suddenly a man runs out on stage and drops next to the body.
John: Sir you need to stand back.
Mike: You don’t understand! She was my best friend. I’m Mike Donahue.
John: Okay, Mike. (John pulls out his notebook). When did you last see her?
Mike: Yesterday. She came to my house and then she left and I hadn’t talked to her since.
John: What time was that Mr. Donahue?
Mike: Uh........About 11ish.
John: Did Mrs. Thompson have a husband?
Mike: Yes. But I don’t know their address.
John: Do you know anyone who maybe wanted to murder Mrs. Thompson?
Mike: No. She was the nicest woman anyone knew. I don’t know anyone that would have wanted to hurt her.
John: Okay. Thanks, Mike. We’ll be in contact. (To Roy) Get the coroner and have the body taken. Let’s head over to the laundromat.
Black then backdrop of a laundromat. John and Roy walk on stage to the counter. There is a man on duty behind the counter folding laundry.
John: Hello sir, L.A.P.D we need you to locate a tag number for us.
Clerk: Yes sir let me get the ledger.
The clerk reaches over to the right to grab a large green book. He sets it on the counter in front of John and opens it.
Clerk: Name or number please?
John: Tag number is NS75643
The clerk flips through the book until he stops on a certain page. He starts going down the page with his finger.
Clerk: Ah here it is! The clothes belong to a Mr. Scooter Thompson. He lives at 164 North Los Angeles Street.
John: Thanks you’ve been a big help.
Clerk: I’m always happy to help out the L.A.P.D.
John and Roy walk and then black.

Act I, Scene II
8:30 A.M
John and Roy arrive at the Thompson residence. They approach the door and knock. A few seconds later the door is opened by a short brown hair man with a strong jaw. His eyes are narrowed and brow furrowed.
John: Hello Mr. Thompson, L.A.P.D. May we come in?
Scooter: What seems to be trouble officers?
John: We have some news that you may want to sit down for.
Scooter gestures inward and moves away from the door. John and Roy walk in and go right into the living room. They sit down on a couch and John pulls out his notebook.
John: Mr. Thompson your wife has been found dead.
Scooter: What? I.....I...Oh god! Alice......
Scooter starts crying.
John: Mr. Thompson I can assure you we are doing everything in our power to find out who did this. I’m going to give you a minute and take a look around if you don’t mind.
Scooter, still sobbing, nods his head. John gets up and begins to walk around the house. He enters their bedroom and looks at the Victorian style desk. He picks up a photograph and examines it. In the photo Alice and Mike Donahue are holding up their college diplomas. There is a piece of paper sitting next to the photo. Johns picks it up and reads it out loud to the audience.
John: I do realize that I never could leave, never murder, leave crying my brutal husband. Sadly I desperately love destroying him indeed too desperate much anguish to relieve destroy everything what hope we never have. Christ! It’s looming over heaven, between God, us, and Caesar. Huh very odd poem.
John walks back into the living room. Scooter is still sad but has composed himself better.
John: Mr. Thompson do you know a Mike Donahue?
Scooter: Yeah he was my wife’s best friend. They met in college and have been friends since. Well, until now at least. I always hated him.
John: How was your relationship with your wife?
Scooter: It hasn’t been good these past few weeks. We fought almost everyday. I don’t know why. She has been distracted lately, acting unusual. The kids always got scared when we fought. I got so angry I had to leave the house multiple times to get away from her.
John: When did you last see her?
Scooter: Last night around 9:30. We got into another fight and then she stormed out.
John: What did you do after she left?
Scooter: I.....stayed here with the kids...we waited for my wife to get back.
John: Alright Mr. Thompson we will be in touch. One more thing though. (John pulls the poem from his suit pocket) Does this poem mean anything to you?
He hands the paper to Scooter and Scooter reads it to himself.
Scooter: Can’t say I do Detective. That is my wife’s handwriting though. She liked to write poems from time to time. They were always very strange. Sometimes the words just didn’t seem to fit.
Scooter hands the paper back to John and John puts it back in his suit. John and Roy proceed to the door and leave. Black.

Act I, Scene III
11:30 A.M
John and Roy are at police headquarters, discussing the case with the police chief.
Chief McGinnis: Where are we at now boys?
John: At the Thompson house we found a photo of Mike Donahue and Alice in college. Mr. Thompson doesn’t have a clear alibi. He said he was at home with the kids during the time of the murder but after questioning the kids they said they were at their aunt’s house last night. We also found a poem at the Thompson house, written by Alice, that suggests that Alice’s husband was abusive.
Roy: I think we should go to that house and kill that son of a bitch before he jumps town.
John: Relax, Roy. You’ll get your shot when we nail the perp.
Chief: We have Mike Donahue in interview room 1 right now. Get in there and do your job.
John: Yessir.
John and Roy exit. Backdrop changes to interrogation room. John and Roy reenter. Sitting at the table is Mike.
John: Hello Mr. Donahue. I just wanted to ask a few questions then we will let you go.
Mike: Yeah that sounds alright.
John: We know you and Alice were close. You met during college?
Mike: Yeah we have been friends for a long time. I had this note system and I wrote her a note in class. After it was over she came to me to figure out what the note said. From then on we sent notes to each other like that. Called each other funny names like Caesar and Juliet.
John: Do you know anyone that might have wanted to hurt her?
Mike: Her husband has always been abusive to her. She would come to my house and vent about the arguments they had.
John: That’s enough. Thanks. We’ll contact you if necessary.
Mike: Yeah just get the asshole that did this.
Mike gets up and leaves. John and Roy walk out into the hallway.
Roy: Well I think it is clear. The husband did it. Let’s go get him. After all Rusty’s Razor states that nine out of ten times it’s the husband who killed the wife.
John: Hang on. I want to look at the evidence again. I’ll let you know what our next move is.
Roy: If you say so.
They exit and black.

Act I, Scene IV
6:00 P.M.
John is sitting at a table looking at the poem and the photograph of Alice and Mike. He looks stressed and exhausted. He suddenly sits up straight and looks intently at the paper in his hand.
John: … and Caesar. Could this be Mike? Wait the words don’t match up very well. Hang on it’s a code. The secret code Mike and Alice were talking about. Let’s see......”between us Caesar”...if I cross out...””...Holy..! Cross out every other word...Yes! I realize I could never leave my husband. I love him too much to destroy what we have. It’s over between us Caesar. Holy S**t! Alice and Mike were having an affair. Alice must have brought this note to Mike. Mike got angry and killed Alice. If he was jealous of her husband he might kill Scooter. Damn I gotta get Roy.
John runs out. Black and then open to the Thompson house. John and Roy run up to the door and kick it down. Mike is aiming a gun at Scooter, who holds his two children. John and Roy pull out their guns and aim them at Mike.
John: Put the gun down now! Mike! We don’t want to shoot you but we will if you give us reason to.
Mike: I loved her so much. You bastard you ruined it! I am going to send you to hell...!
Mike is about to pull the trigger but John shoots first and Mike falls to the ground dead.
John: He could have avoided this. Are you OK Mr. Thompson?
Scooter: Yes I’m fine. (Looks down at the kids in his arms) Are you guys okay?
Kids (In unison): Yes.
John: We will get a squad car out here to take care of the body. We are going to need you guys to come down to the station. I’m sorry about your wife, Mr. Thompson. From what I have heard she was lovely.
Scooter: She was.




Created: Apr 21, 2014

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