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Broken dust fades into the night.
Impatient anxiety over a fleeting vocabulary
that slips angrily through my mind’s eye.

Patience, this revolution is on the quiet side of my heart.

Without expectations, I sink a hole-in-one on a swiss cheese fairway.
Even the mice inside the walls of my tiny room get that joke.

Cultivating an animal spirit reminds me of the Eagle
Catching her prey at water’s surface.

Before the Internet, it was her swooping circles that captured
My imaginations attention during those treks down a
Poorly maintained trail in the woods behind my house.

Happiness only real when shared.

Like a Facebook status.

McCandless flickers romantically outside: the wandering nomad escaping expectations of self to enter into his Wild.

My wild is revolution. My wild is love.

It is keeping a fire for my friends.
It is falling into the Stars. Bringing joy to a person, people, the world.

My wild is a natural heart-song desire demanding an echo.
The sound of a laughing-heart returning its joy with a smile.

I am tiger strong.

The night hears my call, so I answer with a smirk — and a grin.

I’m a rise-up comedian.
Rise up and speak your truth.

Keep those eyes up,
Generate your eternal youth!

Like the sea-levels, average global temperatures, and sour-dough bread.
We shall rise!

Jack O’Lanterns put down your masks, and be the pumpkin that you know you are.

Be great, be orange, be a pie.


Created: Apr 21, 2014

Tags: speech, halloween, script, politics, prose, poetry

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