Fashion of the Future

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In 2064, we will be wearing what our great-grandparents are wearing back then in the 1890s.

Because fashion always goes back one or two decades. Back then in the 1990s, some of us wear bell bottom trousers because we saw old photos of our parents in the 1970s, and anything that involves nostalgia is cool. In the 2010s, kids are wearing flannel shirt like their older cousins use to, back then in the days of Nirvana. They may have only been born by the time Kurt Cobain was famous. Does not matter if we had actually experienced that or not. Human beings are so drawn to nostalgia that we decided to embrace it. 

Somewhere in 2050s, we would decide to go further. After the death of the last human being born before 1940s, there was a sudden surge of longing for anything pre-World War II. Not only that we would wear something our parents used to wear, we go way back by wearing what our great-grandparents wear. Top hats, gold-chained watch, flowing skirt, lacey umbrella.

Some of us who had experienced the 1980s would laugh at how wrong the media had predicted the future for us. Not only that they got flyin cars in 2013 wrong, they also wrong in predicting what we would wear. Instead of shiny, silver spandex, we would wear Victorian dresses. 

We would also take our love of online shopping to a new level. Instead of waiting for 2-3 days for shipping, we can just point our smartwatch to the mirror, and voila! We would be wearing our new Victorian dress already. If you do not like it, you can always scan it and upload it back. There is an app for that.

Created: Apr 21, 2014

Tags: future collaboration, future, writing collab

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