Waves. (Poem Every Day - Day Seventeen)

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I feel the sand beneath my feet begin to pull. 

It quickly slides away from me,

leaving me stumbling in the receding water.

I throw my arms out to help balance myself.

The water gets more shallow as the wave forms.

I see it getting closer, a surge of energy

about to crash around me.

Should I dive through to try to avoid its wrath?

Or should I simply jump and hope it doesn't crash on top of me?

Should I run to shore, or will the current prevent me from progressing.

I can hear the slight rumble, the wave is almost at it's peak.

Ten feet in front of me, I have to make a decision.

I jump.

The wave hits and begins to push me to the top.

Before I reach the peak the wave breaks. 

Directly on top of me. 

Pushing me straight into the sand. 

I feel my body crumple as the twelve foot goliath continues to drill me.

I gasp for air, and take in water. I swirl around in confusion.

I try to reach out, to stop my tumbling body.

I can't tell what direction is up.

I simply let go and let the water take me as I continue to take more water in.

I feel my vision darkening as the water continues to swirl above.



Created: Apr 21, 2014


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